Before You Go ~ Preparing to Visit RI Arts & Cultural Organizations

See Arts GSE's for Enduring Understanding 4:  Aesthetic Judgment for Grades 9-12.


Before You Go ~ Student Tasks are applicable to field trips to BYB field trip arts organizations.  Other genre-based Before You Go tasks are available in the general Student Task Library.

Methods / Materials: 

"BEFORE YOU GO" TASKS (RI Arts Passport Independent Study & Enrolled Honors Program)

DO ONE (1) of the following "BEFORE YOU GO" tasks before going to each of your 6 events, and record whatever is required (writing, artwork, etc.)..

Being familiar with the contents of the performance or exhibit before you go will help you later –to remember important details for a good critical essay, a well chosen scene to perform for your graduation portfolio or an original music composition that resonates with the tones and tempos of your evening at the symphony.  


  • Read the official website of the BYB arts organization you will be visiting, and also find and read web-based or other information about any guest artists appearing in the performance, concert, or exhibit.
  • Make a list of 5 questions about the performance or exhibit to bring with you. (Helpful Hint: Questions should be based on the Arts GSEs. For example: What artistic processes were used to create this? How did the specific time and place in history affect this creation? What meaning is the artistic work communicating? What did critics say about the quality of this work?)
  • Read the play that you are going to see, or choose one to read from the season at 2nd Story Theatre, the Gamm Theatre, or Trinity Repertory Company. Choose a play that will help you learn something new--about the play you are going to see, or about playwriting, the playwright’s other work, or the topic.
  • Listen to prior recordings of repertoire to be performed by the Philharmonic at the VMA.
  • Research the background, narratives, and music from repertoire to be performed by Rhode Island dance companies.
  • Prepare by performing and recording a monologue or scene from the play you are going to see.
  • Create a visual arts piece in the style of the artist whose work you will be seeing in the exhibition.
  • Prepare by performing and recording a selection of music from a concert or dance performance that you plan to attend. View or listen to your own performance as if you were in rehearsal as part of the company or orchestra. Critique your work by preparing “notes” that identify the strengths of your work as well as suggestions for improvement.
Time to Complete: 

30 minutes - 3 hours.

Task Type:

Depth of Knowledge: