Before You Go ~ Dance

Dance Enduring Understanding 4;  Aesthetic Judgment-Knowledge of dance as an art form is used to reflect on and evaluate the work of self and others.  HS Extensions D4 (9-12) Ext-1:  Students demonstrate understanding of dance forms and styles, techniques and elements, and choreographic processes and principles by providing insightful comments about the nature of a particular dance and its meaning by selecting specific moments within the performance.



Preparing to attend a dance performance allows us to bring depth of knowledge to our role as audience members...whether gained through years of study and practice, or through the fresh eyes of of someone new to this art form and just beginning to learn its history, language, styles, and techniques.

Knowledge of dance as an art form helps us reflect on and evaluate choreography and dance performances, and information about the dancers or the dance company featured on stage is a great place to start before going to a show. This introductory project helps you to get ready to GO!

Methods / Materials: 

Research to Build and Present Knowledge:

1.  Using any device for keeping notes:  record the following questions:
a.  What is the name of the performer or the company?
b.  What is the title of the performance?
c.  Who is the choreographer?
d.  Who are the principal dancers?
e.  Who is the music composer?
f.   Who is the costume designer?
g.  What has been prior (if any) critical response to this performance or to this company?

2.  Visit the performer's or dance company's official web site and read major menu items such as the home page, about us, mission.

3.  Answer items a-f in your notes.

4.  Search the web for press reviews of this performance or of the performer/company.  Read reviews.

5.  If the content of the performance is based on traditional folklore (e.g. Swan Lake) or literary works (e.g. Dracula and Hamlet) read the  original or a synopsis of the primary  source.

6.  If there is a recorded performance of this repertoire by this or another company, view this performance to help you understand your new dance experience or to provide comparison.

Time to Complete: 

Plan for 15 minutes to 3 hours depending on the "Before You Go" Dance items you choose.

Task Type:

Depth of Knowledge: