Oh...the Places You'll Play ~ Music for the Very Young and Young at Heart

CCSS for English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects:  Not applicable as performance standards for this project.

Music GSE 2:  Communication - M3 (9-12) -1 Students perform music alone and with others in a variey of settings by presenting a composition using a virtual instrument and digital audio software.

If student partners with visual arts students to create images, see VAD-GSE's for additional alignments.


Performing music in a variety of settings allows us to play music as the accompaniment to the daily experience of "play" for both children and adults!  This Big Yellow Bus Plus music project invites students to create a virtual musical picture book by matching images of "play" spaces with phrases from music performed during the BYB field trip season.

Methods / Materials: 
  1. Select instrumental music performed at BYB field trip events from your Events/Response Log.
  2. Acquire arrangements needed for your performance.
  3. Select virtual instruments/digital audio software and create performances of selected pieces.
  4. Create or select images of children's and youth play spaces to present with your music performance.  You may choose "live action" sites like football fields or backyards or playgrounds or even performance stages in your school or community.
  5. Create a 3-5 minute musical/visual montage (technology of your choice) for young viewers-listeners that makes music for the "places we play."
Time to Complete: 

Approximately 12 hours exclusive of event attendance.

Task Type:

Depth of Knowledge: