ME-et the Composer!


Many BYB field trip performances include classical music from the
RI Philharmonic as well as local and national chamber ensembles on tour. Music is
often featured by FirstWorks, and musical theatre is presented in both professional
and college performances. Folk and traditional/ethnic music performances offer
musical forms from specific cultures. Going to a music field trip
can inspire you to compose music of your own.


Mini Applied Learning Task:

Using your BYB Field Trip Event Log as a reference,
choose a music or musical theatre performance that you attended and assume the role
of composer for a new piece of music inspired by that performance.

Method/Materials Needed

  1. Use manuscript or software for notation.
  2. Compose and notate melody and arrange accompaniment for selected instrument(s) or sections.
  3. Write an introduction for the composition that identifies the performance that inspired this new composition, explains your creative process, and an ideal performance situation for your music such as a concert, film score, recording, incidental music for commercial purposes, etc.
  4. Perform or arrange for a recorded performance of your music (optional).
  5. Store the composition document and/or any performance for potential retrieval for your proficiency based graduation requirement in the arts (PBGR), for potential academic credit, or for inclusion in a graduation portfolio.


Approximate time required to complete: 12-15 hours.



Music GSEM 1 (9-12) Ext-2b Students show evidence of improvising,
composing, and arranging by composing original melodies in extended forms (e.g.,
complete song forms, theme and variations, sonata form) with accompaniments.


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