Masks and Monologues

CCSS for English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects
College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards for Writing
Text Types and Puposes p.41
3.  Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, well-chosen details, and well-structured event sequences.

GSE: Theatre GSE HS Extensions
T1 (9-12) Ext -1a,b,c,d: Students show skill development in acting, directing, designing, and scriptwriting.

GSE Visual Arts & Design Creative Processes
High School Extensions VAD (9-12) Ext-2 Students demonstrate knowledge and skill of media, tools, techniques and processes of visual arts and design by selecting and evaluating particular media, tools, and techniques in creation of two-and three- dimensional works of art and design relative to individual visual arts and design focus.

WRITTEN AND ORAL COMMUNICATION~Expressive Writing: Narratives-Creating a Story Line & Applying Narrative Strategies (W-12-4 through W-12-5.7)

For example: In written narratives, students organize and relate a story line/plot/series of events by creating a clear and coherent, logically consistent structure (W-12-4.1) Please be advised that the text of the student's original monologue may reflect a number of the remaining Expressive Writing GSE's. However, students may intentionally violate expectations for the purpose of artistic invention or creative process.


By the time you arrive in your field trip seat to enjoy a play, a concert, dance performance or museum show…you have begun the drama of your own day! The many roles you serve as student, friend, artist, athlete, son or daughter, brother or sister, employee (and the list goes on) influence the meaning you find when you are the audience for an arts event. The theater and art project “Masks and Monologues” turns the tables and all eyes, on you! Imagine if all the performers and painters turned from the stage or the easel….to watch and listen…to you! This project is designed to connect personal or fictional narrative with a visual that expresses an element of story in monolgue form.

Methods / Materials: 
  • Attend an arts or cultural field trip and select an element from the plot, the music, the dialogue, the picture, etc. that has significant meaning for you.
  • Compose a one page (approximately 250 words) monologue that shares some element of your personal narrative or an imaginative creative response…inspired by the BYB field trip event.
  • Create a mask from found materials, materials at hand, or your choice of medium and visual arts/cultural influence. The mask can be for wearing or display.
  • Write brief introduction that explains how your mask goes with your monologue. Perform your “Mask and Monologue” and record for your arts proficiency portfolio or perform for a live audience.
Time to Complete: 

Approximate time to complete task exclusive of event attendance:  3-10 hours depending upon design of mask.

Task Type:

Depth of Knowledge: