Lend Me a Tenor (or an Alto or a Soprano)! Performance Project for Singers

Music GSE: M1 (9-12)-1 Students show evidence of music literacy (reading, writing, and understanding of the symbols of sound by reading an instrumental or vocal score of up to four staves.

N.B. M1 (Artistic Processes), specifically reading music in order to perform, was chosen rather than M3 (Communication) due to M3's focus on ensemble performance.



This project allows students to perform songs from field trip shows. Mindful that the human experience can be created and recreated through sound, musical skill and knowledge can be expressed by singing.  Melody and harmony are carried by the voice and depend upon music literacy skills to take the performance from page to stage.  Vocal music training allows students to consider professional career paths/post secondary education or to participate in community arts opportunities.

Methods / Materials: 
  • Choose a field trip event (s) that offers vocal music.
  • Make note of songs performed and their composers.
  • Select one or more songs and acquire sheet music arranged for your vocal range (and/or the ranges of your partners).
  • Work with an accompaniest or accompanying music to learn the song(s) from the written arrangements.
  • Compose a written performance introduction that explains why you chose the song(s) both musically and lyrically.
  • Scan or retain copies of your vocal arrangements as part of your performance document.
  • Record your performance and/or make it part of your current vocal performance repertoire.
Time to Complete: 

Approximately 3 hours per song, exclusive of event attendance.

Task Type:

Depth of Knowledge: