DRAW-ing Sketchbook Project (Draw-Record and Write~A Sketchbook for Arts Adventures!

Visual Arts and Design Enduring Understanding 3  Communication

VAD 3 (9-12) Ext-1a:  Students demonstrate the ability to communicate in the language of Visual Art and Design by evaluating and applying media, techniques, process, and visual arts and design concepts to convey a specific feeling, idea, or meaning in a series of work with a common theme.

PLEASE NOTE:  Field trip arts events may address a number of other arts GSE's.  


"Start doodling and pay attention!!!"  We know...usually it's STOP doodling...but with our DRAW-ing BYB field trip project, we invite you to create an artist sketchbook using either a digital sketchbook application OR  you may design, make, or purchase a commerical sketchbook to work in a tradtional format.  If you choose to make a traditional (paper) sketchbook, search the THE SKETCHBOOK PROJECT sponsored by the Art House CO-OP of the Brooklyn Art Library in NY....to learn about a digitized collection or "hard copy" format, that travels to galleries and libraries around the world (see Washington Post article re:  THE SKETCHBOOK PROJECT, by Erin Williams, published 4/8/11). 

Methods / Materials: 
  1. The content of your sketchbook is inspired by attending arts field trip events.
  2. Participate in a pre-conference with your teacher of record/mentor to plan your book.
  3. Choose events and attend.
  4. Use the events to create content for your sketchbook.
  5. Submit the sketchbook for school-based credit, share as part of an exhibition of student work, or save as an artifact for portfolio or arts graduation requirements.
Time to Complete: 

Time depends upon the plan for filling the Sketchbook, size of book, number of pages, etc.  Time investment needs to be based on student's plans and needs in consultation with teacher/mentor.

Task Type:

Depth of Knowledge: