Call for Artists! ~An Arts Festival Application Project

CCSS for English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects
College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards for Writing
Production and Distribution of Writing p.41
4.  Produce clear and coherent writng in which the development, organization, and style are appropriate to the task, purpose, and audience.

For GSE's see all arts genres Asessment Targets for Understanding #3:  Communication.


This project gets students ready to apply to participate in an arts festival by communicating professionally about their art or performance. Arts learning in Rhode Island shares the common theme of creative expression.  Dance, music, theatre, visual arts and design are communicated, performed, and presented in a variety of settings that share something essential about the human experience. 

Rhode Island is home to a number of arts festivals of note, some of which are nationally and internationally famous:  The Newport Music Festival (classical), The Newport Jazz and Folk Festivals, The Wickford and Scituate Art Festivals (visual art), Rhythm & Roots Festival (folk and traditional) and The Pawtucket Arts Festival (multi-genre).  Many of the artists presented in Big Yellow Bus field trip event, perform, show, and live in Rhode Island and have festival experience.

The process for becoming involved in festival performance requires building proficiency in your chosen art, preparing a digital portfolio or body of work to support application or invitation to perform or present, and filing an application or signing contracts to participate.  Many artists in Rhode Island include festival participation here, nationally, and internationally as part of their arts careers.

Methods / Materials: 
  • Choose an arts genre and prepare a 10 minute performance or 10 slides of different visual arts projects.
  • Prepare a CD or digital document of the performance or of the slides to submit to a festival selection committee or arts organization.
  • Complete the attached application, including the artist statement.
  • Create a publicity image to be used by the festival to promote your show (such as headshot or group image, display of your work, process image-you at work, rehearsal, etc.)
  • Compose content for a business letter that introduces you to the event and that lists the contents of your application.
  • Retain the above items for possible academic credit or as an artifact in the arts for your graduation portfolio.


Time to Complete: 

15+ hours.  This is a significant professional task and time to complete may be more or less based on availabilty of already complete performance or visual art samples for submission.  

Task Type:

Depth of Knowledge: