“Summer Salon Field Project”

GSE’s:  Please see RI Arts Grade Span Expectations (GSE’s) for Gr 9-12/HS Extensions in Dance, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts & Design.  These items are labeled D 1-4 (Dance); M 1-4 (Music); T 1-4 (Theatre); VAD 1-4 (Visual Arts & Design).  The GSE’s can be found on the Arts Learning Network homepage.


This project is inspired by the traditional high school “Summer Reading” assignment that requires students to read specific texts or to choose books from a school prescribed reading list…but this summer project is more “off the page and onto the stage….or festival, museum, the list goes on!”

The Summer Salon Field Project extends the definition of “reading” to include making meaning of, and responding to arts and cultural events presented throughout Rhode Island (and New England) during the summer season.  These events are often free and allow you, as a mature student with permission and means to travel, to prepare your own itinerary of places and events to travel to. 

Methods / Materials: 

The project suggest that you complete any or all of the following…

  • go to 6 summer arts events
  • keep a journal of your experiences
  • prepare a collection of artifacts from your experiences
  • read an arts-related text of your choice
  • write a series of critical responses from suggested prompts, including a final essay
  • write a play or produce one
  • put together a band and prepare a one set concert
  • create a dance performance inspired by a summer dance concert for a possible school or community performance
  • create a new work of visual art inspired by a summer trip to a gallery or museum

Materials Needed:

  • Summer Events Guides from local and regional newspapers…especially those that specialize in the arts and culture.
  • Summer calendars/websites from cities, town, and arts organizations who produce events during June, July, August, and early September.
  • Tourism websites.
  • Purchased or handmade journal and/or scrapbook or folder for artifacts such as newspaper articles; event reviews; organization, event , or travel brochures, photos or printed images; other storage or retrieval option such as digital technology for audio-video recording, etc.
  • Vehicle for recording impressions or reflections on the events you attend such as handwritten journal/diary; artist sketchbook;  website or blog; digital portfolio;


Time to Complete: 

Summer Break

Task Type:

Depth of Knowledge: